Bid & Proposal Management,
Advice & Support

Text & Content

Review and improve or create content, structure, layout, graphics, consistency, terminology. Check on use of win themes and USP’s. Work with SME writers to achieve the best content and text in response to the questions and evaluation criteria of the tender.

Proposal management

Setup proposal plan, structure and templates, directives for content providers and writers, facilitate and coaching of team, First Time Right, setup reviews, final production. Manage the team and process from RFX requirements and expectations, using the win themes and USP’s, to a final best fit proposal. 

Bid management

Create and manage the overall bid plan. Organise the optimal bidteam and agree on approach and timelines.  Managing and coaching the team. Prepare and pass formal approvals. Submission of proposal and prepare for any presentations. Facilitate negotiations and contracting.

Advice & Support

Support to Bid manager and Proposal manager. Setup and provide processes, structure, templates, re-usable content for Bid & Proposal management.  Help organizations in setting up their processes and ‘being prepared’ for efficient and effective Bid and Proposal Management.


Various market segments

Commercial and Public (European) Tenders

Large experience in many structured European Tenders for example in Traffic management, Justice, Defence and Healthcare related.  Other tenders done in Retail, Healthcare, Energy and Finance.

Management, People management, Coaching and Challenging

Structured bid teams or more coaching

Managing well structured and experienced bid teams on larger bids. Managing, coaching and directing teams of SME’s with less bid experience. 

Virtual teams

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

Experience in managing bid processes with virtual teams with team members working from various locations worldwide and since the Covid19 pandemic this was the way of working all the time.